Chiltern Players

Table Manners

By Alan Ayckbourn

The story centres around three siblings, Annie, Ruth and Reg. The youngest, Annie still lives at home and looks after their elderly bedridden mother (who we never see) The action begins when Reg and his wife Sarah arrive to allow Annie the chance to escape for the weekend for a long needed rest. However, the fireworks begin almost immediately when Annie tells Sarah she is planning to go away with Ruth’s husband, Norman. Annie ends up staying, Norman shows up unexpectedly, and is soon followed by his wife, Ruth. Sarah tries her best to organise a family dinner for all of them plus Tom, the next door neighbour whom everyone expects will propose to Annie. Norman is incorrigible. Annie is caught between Tom and a possible fling with her brother-in-law. Mother is upstairs demanding attention, and there aren't six proper chairs!


Annie - Tiffany Saul

Sarah - Helen McCutcheon

Tom - Angus Draycott

Reg - Maurice Scarratt

Norman - Tim Wellington

Ruth - Sue Clark

Directed by - Jenifer Titchener