Chiltern Players


The police pick up a man wandering the streets of Leicester, apparently suffering from amnesia. His personal items identify him as Robert Zeinfeld.  His wife is summoned to the station where it turns out that establishing his true identity is not that straightforward after all.  

A series of hilarious twists and turns in the plot involving misidentifications, manic telephone calls and frying pans, eventually untangle the mystery - though not lives of the characters.

Forget-Me-Knot is an intriguing play with real laugh out loud moments.

Play readings

We usually do regular play readings each month  at

The Butcher’s Arms pub, Sonning Common, RG4 9RS

7.45 for 8 pm.

If you fancy just reading a play for fun come along to read or just listen to a selection of well known, and less well known, plays. It’s a great way to meet members of the group and we’re always happy to welcome new members.

No pressure. No charge. Just turn up, buy a drink.!



Do to Covid-19 these have now moved online.

If you would like to join us contact  

Rosemary on 0118 9722632 or send us an email on

What have Chiltern Players been doing?

Although like everyone else we have been unable recently to do our thing, never fear, the curtain has not come down on Chiltern Players. During the long days of lockdown and beyond we have still been meeting regularly - albeit via Zoom – and coming up with ways to entertain each other with a view to once again entertaining our audiences. So whenever the lights come up again we’ll ready!

Online play readings are a popular feature – by logging onto one of the various drama websites we can simultaneously access the same script. You can’t buy a drink at the Butchers Arms unfortunately but a glass of the cold stuff from the fridge will still make the evening go with a swing and produce some highly entertaining results - especially when you’re trying to speak to a tablet while reading a script on a phone. Never let it be said that Chiltern Players are not up for a challenge! One of our most successful readings to date was Under Milk Wood: a cast of interesting characters to get your teeth into and created as a play for voices. How perfect is that? Written in 1954 but it could have been designed for 2020 – clearly Dylan Thomas was a man of foresight!

We might be under playhouse arrest but it’s obviously served our creative juices well – unless it’s just desperation - as some of our members have branched out into writing and presenting their own coronorations. The hope is that this it might evolve into a creative writing platform with stories, monologues and poems written by our group.  No potential social distancing problems with them – could this be a solution to future productions?  

Any thought of setting foot on stage at the moment is obviously a no go - sadly we had to put on ice our production of the comedy Forget-Me-Knot scheduled for April this year which promised to be hilarious: certainly if rehearsals were anything to go by anyway, and likewise have had to cancel our dates booked for December. However, ever the optimists, we are looking ahead to (hopefully) happier and healthier times in 2021 and are planning to put on an entertainment next April in Peppard Memorial Hall – socially distanced for cast and audience if necessary. We are also considering reprising the idea of an outdoor production at some of the local hostelries which have previously been very well received.

We hope you are well and will continue to be so and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.