Chiltern Players

Living Together

By Alan Ayckbourn

Living Together is the second play of Alan Ayckbourn's The Norman Conquests trilogy. Each play tells the story of a family gathering held over one weekend at the home of their bedridden mother and seen from different areas of the same house

Living Together reveals the story from the sitting room in which Reg is driven mad by Tom... Tom tells Annie a thing or two... Annie nearly comes to blows with Sarah... Sarah sees a different side of Norman... Norman sorts things out with Ruth... Ruth discovers the charms of a fireside rug…..and nobody enjoys playing board games.


Norman - Geoff Ward

Tom - Angus Draycott

Sarah - Helen McCutcheon

Annie - Jane Brough

Reg - Maurice Scarratt

Ruth - Sue Clark

Directed by - Jenifer Titchener, Jill Greenwood