Chiltern Players

Jane Eyre

An emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, Jane Eyre takes you on a journey starting with Jane’s cruel and miserable childhood to her first meeting with Rochester, her moral dilemma when she learns of his dark secret through to the story’s moving finale.


Jane Eyre - Serena Jones

Rochester - Peter O’Sullivan

Narrator - Jill Kendal

Mrs Fairfax - Jill Greenwood

Helen Burns/Adele/Diana Rivers - Hannah O’Sullivan

Bessie/Leah/Guest 5 - Susan Hart

Miss Temple/Grace Poole/Guest 4/Hannah - Di Soden

Mr Brocklehurst/Mr Mason/Builder - Tim Wellington

Mr Briggs/John/Porter - Maurice Scarratt

Blanche Ingram/Mary Rivers/Orphan 1 - Fleur Holmes

Miss Abbott/Lady Ingram/Nurse - Rosemary House

Mrs Reed/Bertha/Orphan 4/Guest 2 - Helen McCutcheon

St. John Rivers - Nick Moore

Rev Wood/Mr Naysmith/Groom /Guest 1 - John Evans

John Reed/Lord Ingram - Paul Muston

Mary Ingram/Orphan 2/ Housemaid - Rebecca Thomas

Orphan 3/Guest 3/Housemaid - Amrit Purba


Directed by - Jane Brough