Chiltern Players

Deadly Embrace

By Eric Paice

Angry and bitter after throwing out her unfaithful husband, Julia is only too ready to succumb to the charms of the good-looking salesman who arrives to update her computer.

At first, Julia enjoys playing games on Aladdin, the 'female friendly' computer, particularly when it invites her to play the Murder Game, allowing her to fantasise about committing the perfect murder-by-computer with her husband as the victim.

But she soon finds herself caught up in a nightmare and realises the good-looking charmer and his computer are not all they seem.


Julia Shepherd - Helen McCutcheon

Liz Wolf - Rosemary House

Steven Jones - Peter O'Sullivan

Alex Shepherd - Tiffany Saul

Voice of Aladdin - Peter Woollcott


Directed by - Jill Greenwood