Chiltern Players

Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting

By Harold Connolly

Liz and Simon are living in wedded bliss: well maybe bliss is an exaggeration given that newborn baby Max has caused upheaval in their tiny ninth floor flat. Liz puts her feet up to enjoy some me time as Simon and his sister Rebecca make a duty call to see his mother. She is rudely interrupted by a figure from her past. - Tony, who seems seems intent on wreaking havoc in their lives…  Then things take an even more interesting and sinister turn.


Liz                 Astrid Stevens

Simon            Angus Draycott

Rebecca        Hannah O’Sullivan

Tony              Tom Platts

Directed by Rosemary House

Stop and Run

By Diana Raffle

When Eileen Dodds sent her husband out to get a portion of chips and two pickled eggs she never suspected he would run off with the shop owner and not be seen for five years - but that’s exactly what happened! Thirty years later Eileen has decided to take her life back into her own hands and much to the surprise of her daughters Jackie and Tracey she has returned from holiday with Raymond a blind bingo caller who she intends to marry in a week’s time.

But is Raymond only after her money? Will Eilleen find true happiness?


Tracey        Helen Goodwin

Jackie        Helen McCutcheon

Eileen         Sue Clark

Raymond    Ian Miles

Kevin          Mike Foster

Directed by Ian Miles

An Evening of Two One-Act Plays

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