Chiltern Players

Curtain Up on Murder

By Bettine Manktelow

An amateur drama company is rehearsing in the theatre at the end of a pier. Storms rage overhead and the doors are locked - they are trapped. Events take a sinister turn when a mysterious, ghostly presence passes across the stage, and when the assistant stage manager falls to certain death through a trap door the remaining actors are thrown into disarray. Their panic increases when one of the actresses is poisoned and it becomes evident that a murderer is in their midst. A murderer who, it soon transpires, will not stop until they are all dead!


Linda               Astrid Stevens

Sandra            Hannah O’Sullivan

Ginny              Diana Guluta

Harry              John South

Alex               Angus Draycott

Sylvia              Sue Clark

Moppet           Maggie Stokes

Martin             Mike Foster

Directed by    Ian Miles