Chiltern Players

A Cracking Read: interactive murder mystery

By Rosemary House

On 11th December an audience assembled in a festive Peppard Memorial Hall to witness a murder.

The audience were invited guests of  Trudy Featherstonehaugh's book launch, in which her imminent success as celebrated author of "Poisons and Toxins through the Ages" was to be feted.

They  were wined and dined in style by the excellent catering team and during the course of the evening murder most horrid was committed.

Punters set to to interview suspects with searching questions assisted by the visual clues provided and at the end of the interrogation voted on who should be charged with murder.   The table who most accurately guessed whodunnit and why won a huge box of chocolates, everyone leaving the hall feeling they'd had a great evening of entertainment..



MC        Ian Miles

Trudy     Sue Clark

Helen     Heather Cannan

Adrian    Geoff Stokes

Tom       Alastair Reed

Jim        Terry Sopp

Katy       Charlotte Broadbent

David     James Peedell

Cherry    Alison Stevenson


Karen Quibell, Steve Cannan, Cathy Brabben


Tony House


Maggie Stokes, Mike Foster, Rosemary House

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