Chiltern Players

Billy Liar

By Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

The Swinging Sixties have not yet arrived and there are gloomy shadows of the Second World War still hanging over Stradhoughton. Disgruntled with his mundane life working at the funeral parlour, Billy invents fantasy scenarios in which he and his family are elevated to heroic status. Neither his family nor his two fiancées seem to appreciate the power of his imagination which leads to comic but often poignant situations. Only Liz seems to herald the freedom and freshness of the coming era. Can she release Billy from his fantasy world and make his dreams a reality?


Florence Boothroyd - Jill Greenwood

Geoffrey Fisher - Terry Sopp

Alice Fisher - Jane Brough

Billy Fisher - Angus Draycott

Arthur Crabtree - Paul Muston

Barbara - Hannah O’Sullivan

Rita - Ellie Hutchinson

Liz - Emma Hobson

Directed by - Rosemary House