Chiltern Players

Albert Make us Laugh

Albert Make Us Laugh was played uncut with doubling and staging as suggested by the author Jimmie Chinn. The children's roles were also played by adults which was another suggestion of the author.

The action of the play takes place in and around Belmont Fields Secondary Modern School and the home of Albert Nuttall in the late 1940s/early 1950s.


Albert Nuttall - Peter Smithson

Enid Nuttall - Jill Kendal

Headmaster Tope - John Evans

Primrose Macaveney - Jane Brough

Miss Celia Mint/Marigold Tucker - Diane Soden

Miss Joyce Hemsley/Nora Tooley - Jill Greenwood

Miss Janet Partington/Barbara Batch - Helen McCutcheon

Mr Leatherbottle/Shane Butterworth - Peter Woollcott

Eric Smallshaw/Charlie Shorrocks - Peter O'Sullivan

Lobelia Bottomley - Tiffany Saul


Directed by - Rosemary House